This information has been provided to the media to assist in locating persons against whom a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

This information merely reflects the existence of an arrest warrant at a certain point in time.

It is important to remember that the persons named are presumed innocent until such time, if ever, he or she is convicted of an offence.

The information is based on records provided by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Solomon Islands Magistrates Court.

Publication of this information does not guarantee it is either accurate or current.

Below is the third part of the list of people with outstanding warrants. The list covers names starting with F and G.

FAASU FA'ASU, Willie 1971
FADO, Samson 1972
FAFALE, George Albert 1950
FAFALE, Alfred 1975
FAFALE, Michael
FAHAGE, Edwin Silvia 1982
FAICANI, Nelson 1989
FAIGA, John Seda 1954
FAITA, Kevin 1984
FANASIA, George 1977
FAROBA, Ben 1973
FELA'AU, Sinon 1989
FERIS, Craig Davis 1984
FILI, Elizabeth 1986
FILO, George 1978
FIRIGENI, Garry Sula 1978
FOLI, John 1984
FOMANI, Rex 1986
FOSITAU, Stephen 1980
FOX, Fred 1980
FROGA, Ismael 1980
FUGUI, Leslie 1974
FUGUI, Ladoa Ronald 1979
FURIRAMO, Nelson 1984
FUTURE, Francis 1988
GALASAU, Rex 1988
GALIBURI, George 1982
GAMASI, Roselyn 1987
GAPIARA, George 1985
GARA, Nelson 1985
GARI, Billy 1986
GARO, John 1980
GARO, Christopher 1989
GASA, Paul Shepherd 1988
GASKAL, Sare 1989
GATU, John 1978
GAUMAE, Jimmy 1983
GE'E, Warren 1984
GELI, Talina 1978
GELI, Mary 1989
GELI, Cyrilla
GENSI, Elmo 1976
GEO, George 1983
GEORGE, Jack 1978
GIBAUTA, Paul 1986
GIDA GINA, Stewart 1985
GILBERT, John 1986
GILBERT, Hudson 1988
GINO, Fred Buddley 1982
GINO, Davis 1987
GITA, Peter Sam 1950
GLEN COLLEN, Frank 1985
GOGO, Clera 1978
GOSA, Anthony 1975
GREG, Junior Billy 1989
GUA MEKE LOTA, Kokona Erik Jack 1986
GUAREVA, Francis
GUAREVA, Francis
GWALI, Johnson 1988
GWALI, Patterson
GWALOA GWALEA, Rhoda Rhonda Rohda 1970
GWAO, Hendry 1985

The next list to be printed will contain the names of people with surnames beginning with H, I and J.

If your name starts with H,I,J or any of the remaining alphabetical letters and you know that you have an outstanding case, it is best to call in at the Police Prosecutions Office at the Tongs Building in Point Cruz or any police station and sort it out before it gets published in the media.

Similarly, if any member of the public identified a deceased family member, relative, wantok or friend on the list, it is advisable that you come forward and inform police and produce a death certificate or other proof if the person(s) have or has passed away.

It is important to remember that warrants can only be closed if a matter is sorted out in court or if a person dies.

Outstanding warrants can be very obstructing if it is not sorted out.

Even though you might be wanted for minor offences such as drunk and incapable, disturbances or common assault, it would still stand out in the prosecutions warrant list.

Nearly all employment, training and travelling abroad requires police clearance. It would be disappointing if a training or employment opportunity is ruined because of an outstanding warrant.

Names starting from letters H,I,J will be the next to be published.

Press Release (Police Media Unit)