Thousands of people jam-packed the Multi- Purpose Hall last night to witness the Solo Idol finale.

Prior to the show, 3 senior contestants, Wendy Nori, George Hiri and Joey Phylis were eliminated leaving only David Auna, Becky Maetia and Philip Carlos to compete for the top three spot.

While in the junior category Marian Liutolo was oust from the finals, while Richy Saeni, Betsy Liutolo and Rachel Sarei went through to the finals.

Each contestant threw the crowd on their feet as they belted out tunes to their favourite artists. As each contestant sang, it became obvious that the judges were having a difficult time to decide.

In the end David Auna won the 2008 Solo Idol when he sang to Guy Sebastian's 'Angels brought me here.' David showed extraordinary talent and it was easy to see why he won the judges favor. Becky Maetia, the crowd favourite came in second and Philip Carlos came in third.

For the junior category, Miss. Rachel Sarei took everyone's breath away when she sang to Celine Dion's 'Power of Love'. Richy Saeni came in second and Betsy Luitolo came in third.

Consolation prizes were awarded to George Hiri, Wendy Nori and Joey Phylis for the senior category and Marion Liutolo for the junior category.

Loretta Teho, was also awarded for being a contestant with a positive spirit.

Ms. Hayley Jensen the 2004 Australian Idol contestant, as one of the judges stated that she was really happy with the performance of the finalists for both senior and junior category and that all the finalists who took part in the Solo Idol have different phenomenal voices with different talents.