Have you ever wondered about the name 'Iron Bottom Sound' or how 'Iron Bottom Sound' hotel got its name?

Apparently, the 'Iron Bottom Sound' was a name that originated out of World War II and refers to the vast sea between Honiara and Savo.

During the World War Two, fighter planes, warships and cargo ships, were bombed or gunned down over the ocean between Honiara and Savo.

After the war the name 'Iron Bottom Sound' brings memories to soldiers who fought in Guadalcanal and families of soldiers who lost their lives over the 'Iron Bottom Sound'.

However, today the 'Iron Bottom Sound' is now an underwater museum and one of the most sort after dive locations.

The 'Iron Bottom Sound' is also one of the major historical sights of Solomon Islands.

Some major wrecks discovered there were the American cruiser 'Quincy', the Australian heavy cruiser 'Canberra', the Japanese aircraft carrier 'Kinugasa', and the battleship 'Kirishima'. It was said that many wrecks have never been discovered as yet, because of the depth of the sea.

Obviously, this is where the hotel 'Iron Bottom Sound' in Honiara got its name. The hotel 'Iron Bottom Sound' itself is also built facing the beautiful 'Iron Bottom Sound' ocean and the view is especially spectacular as the sun sets.