Upon arriving into the country early this morning, Ms. Jensen's hectic schedule began with a two day workshop with the Solo Idol contestants and judges.

Ms. Hayley Jensen told Solomon Times that the workshop was mainly aimed at empowering the contestants.

Covered in today's training were; preparations for performance, tips of performing, 'beyond the idol competition' and song composing.

"This workshop will be able to help teach the contestants to bring people together and to advance their music career. It was great to see the contestants have a positive outlook on life and to be keen participators in making a difference," says Ms. Jensen.

Hayley went on to say that she has been privileged and humbled to have been a part of the programme.

"This is so amazing knowing that most of these contestants never had proper training and to have someone like me who has had training to help them. This is something I will always remember. Singing is a tough career and you would always have other means to support you before you can actually make it. However, this could be easily achieved through hard work," says Ms. Jensen.

Solo Idol contestant, Mr. George Hiri stated that meeting Hayley has been an opportunity they have all been waiting for opportunity they would never miss and maybe would never have.

Fourteen participants attended today's training, inclusive of the Solo Idol contestants, Provincial Contestants as well as the judges.