25 young Solomon Islanders are confirmed to undertake Medical studies in Cuba under the Cuban Government medical doctor scholarship arrangement in 2009.

The National Training Unit Director, Mr. Selu Maezama, told the National Express that a meeting was held last Friday to look at a list of applicants, some shortlisted from the previous year.

He explained that the main purpose of the meeting was to get in touch with pre-service applicants who were awarded a scholarship so that they could confirm their names.

Meanwhile the Under Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Dr. Cedric Alependava said it was a great privilege for Solomon Islanders to study in Cuba.

He described the opportunity as a great bonus for Solomon Islands as we will have more qualified doctors in the near future.

Dr. Alependava said he really appreciate the Cuban Government for its on-going assistance in sponsoring "more of our students' and securing spaces for them to do their studies in Cuba."

He said so far the Ministry has received positive results and feedbacks from students who went to Cuba early this year. The students have moved onto their academic studies after learning the Spanish language in the first six months of their course.

Dr. Alependava encouraged the newly selected students (6 girls and 19 boys) to do the same. He encouraged them to work hard to become qualified doctors and "to serve our country in years to come." He said he wants to see these students return as fully qualified doctors.

Dr. Alependava said that "our country will be relieved of the problem of shortage of doctor which we are currently experiencing."

Dr. Alependava said that the twenty-five students will be leaving for Cuba sometimes towards the end of this year to start their first Six months of learning the Spanish language before going commencing their academic studies.

With National Express