If you are not a Solomon Islander, you may have wondered about the name 'Kurukuru' as used by the Solomon Islands National Futsal Team.

Kurukuru is actually a Solomon Islands term for the Pigeon bird.

The Kurukuru bird is a common Solomon Islands household pet with a stout body and red feet. It is usually in the dark grey or black color.

The Kurukuru bird is commonly found in the temperate and tropical region and feeds only on seeds and fruits, its favourite being the famous Solomon Island's Ngalinut fruit.

You may have also wondered why Solomon Islanders picked the name Kurukuru as it sounds nothing like its common name the 'Pigeon.'

According to Mr. Barry Samson from the famous Marovo Lagoon, the name Kurukuru originated from the Western Province, way before people knew the original name of the bird.

The name came about because of the sound the pigeon bird makes that is 'Kuru kuruu kurukruu.' This then resulted in 'Kurukuru' which stuck and is now widely used throughout the Solomons.

Even today, most Solomon Islands do not know what the actual name of the Kurukuru is. But hold up a picture of the bird and you will get "ohh, yes Kurukuru."

The Kurukuru bird is one of the harmless bird creatures, the reason why it is a preferred household pet.

However, because Solomon Islanders also eat this bird, the amount of these birds being killed for food is high, the reason for it being rarely sighted.

According to Mr. Samson, Solomon Islanders should take more consideration for this bird and protect them.