With just one more day to go, Honiara youths are waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of former Australian Idol Contestant, Hayley Jensen.

This is the first time the Solo Idol organizers have involved a former Australian Idol contestant. This definitely brings the Solo Idol to a whole new level.

Ms. Jensen will have a busy week when she arrives in the Solomons and besides being one of the judges of the Solo Idol finale, she will also be conducting a two day workshop for the Solo Idol finalists.

Solo Idol Coordinator Mr. Charles Ratu told Solomon Times that the workshop is expected to help the Solo Idol Finalists with their performance.

The workshop will cover voice trainings, song writing, stage performances, and especially that of voice protection.

Also involved will be the judges coaching programmes particularly on how they should be judging and how to base their critics.

Mr. Ratu hopes that the training workshop with both the judges and the contestants would give them a boost on their performance and that "the contestants should have their performance up another level when they complete their training with Ms. Jensen."

He hopes that the workshop, will have enhanced the morale of the Solo Idol contestants.

"This is a totally awesome opportunity for them," states Mr. Ratu.

The crowd will also get a taste of the Australian Idol when Ms. Jensen performs one of her songs. She will also get to crown the 2008 Solo Idol winner.

This is indeed something to look forward to.