The Solomon Islands Opposition Leader, Manasseh Sogavare, lashed out at Government Parliamentarians for not attending the Parliament meetings.

Mr Sogavare stated in Parliament that the current meeting has the worst attendance in record. Only thirteen Members of Parliament were present yesterday in Parliament.

According to Hon. Sogavare, a high number of government ministers and backbenchers have been absent from the daily sessions of parliament.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Sogavare says that the Government Ministers have even failed to turn up to support the Prime Minister's Sine Die motion to end the current Parliament meeting.

"We expect ministers and backbenchers to fill the seats allocated to them, when they listen to this side of the house debate or anyone, and respond to the issues and the concerns raised by the Prime Minister of this country," he said.

"At least that is, you're respecting the Prime Minister and what we are seeing now is not straight, Mr Speaker, when we have empty seats, for this Parliament it is a disrespect to the Prime Minister of this country," says the Solomon Islands' Opposition leader Manasseh Sogavare.