Our Telekom have received media protests by some Gizo residents who own undeveloped plots of land or who are in the process of building their residence near the Telekom communication tower at Jah Mountain, Gizo, Western Province.

Our Telekom explains their position on perceived health risks in relation to our transmission technologies or structural installations at Gizo or anywhere in the country as follows.

That Our Telekom structural and radio transmission installations and practices adhere to strict safety and health considerations governed by International standards.

That the Gizo 50m tower, including other towers nationwide, is constructed under strict structural integrity standards using New Zealand Institute of Architects and New Zealand Master Builders Federation guidelines and specifications.

That there is voluminous literature available on the scientific debate over health risks associated with exposure to radiofrequency fields. Some scientists say that health risk concerns exist. Other scientists say the risks are very small or negligible. Scientific reviews of the effects of exposure to radiofrequency fields have concluded that there are no clearly established or even strongly suspected health effects occurring at low levels of exposure which typically occur in publicly accessible areas around radiofrequency transmitters like mobile base stations or towers.

According to Our Telekom, this has been explained during meetings on the 12/06/2008 and 15/06/2008 at Gizo, between Our Telekom Management, the Premier of Western Province and Gizo concerned residents.