During the Police Press Conference yesterday, Superintendent Charles Akao, Director of National Response Unit (NRU) spoke on the roles and responsibilities of the NRU, a new initiative by the police.

He mentioned that the NRU is responsible for three other units which are the Police Response Team, Close Personal Protection and Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

"The units are parallel to each other, the reason why they have been merged together under one unit," explains Superintendent Akao.

He stated that with the Police Response Team will be responsible for the public and civil disorder such as that of the riots. They will also assist in the general duties of the detectives and investigators as well respond to natural disasters.

The Close Personal Protection (CPP) will provide security to Government officials and their residence and they will also provide security to visiting dignitaries.

"This unit is mainly responsible for providing security," adds Mr. Akao.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal is responsible for the safe removal and disposal of ammunition and other explosive devices. They are also responsible to clear sites for major development, promote safety and conduct awareness in schools and communities and also provide trainings for other Provincial EOD officers.

Superintendent Akao explains that currently there are 32 Police Officers undergoing trainings for the National Response Unit and they are hopeful that it will be completed next month.

Solomon Times understands that the initiative was planned after the 2006 April riot. The official implementation began in early January.