Compared to other Pacific countries, Solomon Islands have been rated by visitors as one of the best tourist destination in the region.

Although the Solomons is host to beautiful sandy beaches, exotic waterfalls, delicious sea food and the beautiful tropical weather like our Pacific neighbors, one thing does stand out and that is the fact that Solomon Islands is host to the largest saltwater lagoon in the world- The Marovo Lagoon.

Located in the Western Province, Marovo Lagoon boasts thousands of species of rare sea creatures, few exotic ecological resorts and many inhabited islands, not to mention the friendly locals.

This is usually the popular tourist destination where you wake up to the sound of birds chirping and local children playing.

If you are the daredevil sort then some eco-lodges do offer a day of snorkeling where you can even swim with the sharks.

Even if you are not the daredevil type then a visit to World's Largest Saltwater Lagoon is a must.

"This is one place in the World where I can be a tourist and also feel as if I am a local. The villagers are very friendly and the surrounding is just amazing. I love the Marine life here and I hope to bring my family next time I visit," says Jane Couper of Brisbane, Australia.

Jack Kane from Colorado, USA, also gave a thumbs up, stating that next time he visits Marovo Lagoon, he would make sure he will learn how to catch the delicious coconut crabs. "I recommend this place to anyone wanting an ecological experience," he continues.