A number of persons serving the mandatory quarantine period at various Institutional Quarantine Facilities have been released. Out of a total of 158 occupants 24 were released yesterday.

Those released are Solomon Island Nationals who came in from Vanuatu during the first two repatriation flights into the country in May. They are mostly our Nationals stranded in Vanuatu.

This particular group of passengers were given only 14 days quarantine since Vanuatu like Solomon Islands and a small number of other countries still have not recorded any positive case of the Corona Virus.

A statement from the Camp Management Committee says “24 occupants under quarantine travelling from Vanuatu to Solomon Islands have graduated today as per Legal Notice No. 70for COVID-19 Regulation Gazette”

The 24 occupants have successfully passed and met all requirements placed upon all incoming persons that required them to serve the 14 days quarantine period. Their release mean they have proven themselves to be free from any medical condition that might relate to COVID-19.

Those released are:

Vimo Apartment: 2 males and 9 Females
NHA: 10 Males and 1 Female
Access Plus: 1 Male
GBR: 1Male

Meanwhile GBR has received 1 new admission today to retain the number at GBR Institutional Quarantine Facility at 58. The new admitted person is a Fisheries Observer who just returned to the country.

All 24 can now reintegrate into society and free to go back to their family homes.

Source: NDC