Honiara residents experienced a cleaner city when the Royal Duke and Duchess of Gloucester visited the capital.

Prior to the Royal visit, the public came out in numbers to clean up the city right up to the day the Royals arrived. However, three weeks later, residents are wondering where the cleaner environment experienced had gone.

Solomon Times took to the streets for a random interview following raised concerns.

"What happened to everyone including the responsible authorities who were supposed to maintain the cleanliness of the city? We should continuously make an effort like the time we had the Royal visit," stated a local businessman.

"It is disgusting when we look around town and see the filth. People should stop being ignorant. Already we are having a lot of visitors to our country. We should make more effort to keep it clean. The authorities cannot do it them selves, rather they need the co-operation from the public," says market vendor.

Honiara City Council Clerk was not available for comments regarding this issue.

But one thing is clear; a clean city needs the co-operation of all.