Authorities issuing drivers' license have lately come under fire, after a female driver obviously suffering from a severe medical condition lost control and collided with an on coming vehicle on Monday afternoon.

The Police Media have reported that the female driver was travelling westward into town when bouts of her ailment attacked her and she lost control of her vehicle and subsequently crashed onto the rear of an oncoming vehicle and the vehicle swayed off the road and ditched in a nearby drain near the YWCA road junction.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated by traffic police officers.

In the mean time, Director of Traffic, Superintendent Albert Samani reminded drivers that driving whilst unfit is very dangerous. Drivers must always be responsible and consider their safety and other road users.

"If you have taken prescribed medication or; you are not feeling well or; suffering from seizures or; any other disability that might affect your judgement or distract you when driving, it is very important that you do not drive," Superintendent Samani said.

"Medical conditions sometimes cause nausea, queasiness and disorientation which can be very dangerous as drink driving," he said.

"Before you get in to a vehicle, consider your safety and more importantly, the safety of other road users," Superintendent Samani said.