Yesterday, a two day workshop was organized for the Solomon Islands disability stakeholders in the Solomon Islands.

In attendance was the Disability Coordinator Officer for the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Mr. Fredrick Miller, who stated that the whole idea for the workshop was to get every stakeholder, government ministries, and NGO partners to advance Solomon Islands disability programs to another level.

He mentioned that with the current awareness and advocacy on people with disability, this workshop will help the current disability programmes advance to another level.

Mr. Miller also included that in order for disability programmes to expand and be strengthened; people with disability need to be recognized.

During the workshop, areas covered would be; education and health for the disabled, the Solomon Islands government access, addressing issues on women and child, strengthening the capacity disability organizations, work on ratifying the disabilities convention, provide them with accessibility to services.

Mr. Fredrick Miller hopes that at the end of the workshop, every developing partner is aware of the Pacific Plan's section on disability and the Conventions of disability.

Mr. Miller also stated that stakeholders need to produce more awareness for the government to allocate more budgets for disabled people in the Solomon Islands.

"When the Government is more aware, they will be willing to commit themselves in helping to advance accessibility for the disabled, however nothing could be done if they are not aware of the importance to recognize the disabled in the society," says Mr. Miller.