The Samoan community in San Diego celebrated their culture on Saturday with their annual Samoan Day Festival.

As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, 'the county's large community of Samoans gathered at Market Creek Plaza east of downtown San Diego to celebrate fa'a Samoa - the Samoan way of life' with 'cultural dances and songs performed by eight local youth and church groups, followed by a speech competition in the Samoan language and a puleeasi (cultural attire) fashion show'.

According to the report, most at the festival are not native Samoans and many have never been to Samoa or American Samoa but the festival "idea is to bring together Samoan people from all around the county, to celebrate our culture", according to a participant, Easter Leasau, who also added, "But more important, it's to reach out and educate Samoan children who were born here, who maybe don't know very much about their heritage."

It was the fourth Samoa Day Festival.