The Fataleka Students Association promotes music, sports and other social activities as a tool to improve youth interaction and unity, says Allan Siau.

President for the Fataleka Students Association, Allan Siau, says that their association aims to improve the youths of today in social activities and interaction by working together for a better future.

"Our youths today need to have the vision that cooperation and working together will enhance a better future. A formula sums up our objectives which is Human Resources plus Natural Resources equals to city. For development to occur it's the youth's responsibility to preach this formula", says Allan Siau.

Siau stated that when we lack the human resources to use our natural resources we cannot develop and cope with the current trend we are facing now. "So basically stick to the bottom up approach as a basis of building a strong foundation. By that we explore the different avenues for example music as an effective tool to send out the messages to the youths and people of this country".

Allan Siau is the core founder of the popular local reggae band, Native Stone Age, which was a hit for their Jamaican style and lyrics on important social issues in Honiara. "There will be a fundraising drive on the 16th to 17th of June at the art gallery in Honiara which the Native Stone Age will be performing live on stage".

Allan says that an essential part of the interactions of youths starts in social gatherings like the concert, to be held at the art gallery.