A Beach Soccer Committee was recently appointed by the Honiara Beach Soccer Team to be responsible for a beach soccer league to be begin sometime this year.

The committee includes Nelson Boso [DC park] as the chairman, Timothy Aruafu [RBC park] as the Vice Chairman, Desmond Nimepo as the secretary, Lapule Haro as a Member [Corporate Rep], Bart Basia [Media Rep] as a member, Samson Faisi [HFA Rep] as a member and Justin Mutukera [Referee Rep] also a member. The treasurer's position will be later appointed.

Committee's chairman Nelson Boso confirmed that his committee will soon meet to decide on the committee's powers and functions, the league, its development program and preparations of the National Bilikiki team.

Meanwhile, registrations are now open for any interested teams who wish to play beach soccer in the beach soccer league. Reuben Oimae at the SIFF Lawson Tama office will be available to register teams.

Registration fee for a player or any other official registration is $25 while the registered fee for any interested team is $250.

Boso stated that a maximum of 20 players are allowed to register and they must have a sponsoring partner.

"Registrations will open for one week and if there are enough teams registered, then they will confirm to the public if they will hold a league straight away or a pre- season competition first," says Mr. Nelson Boso.

The committee will hold a meeting at the end of the registrations next week, to discuss when the Beach Soccer League will start.