The netball results of the Super Division and 'A' Division has been released.

President of the Honiara Netball Association, Noelyn Luahiti has informed Solomon Times, that all the games for the 'B' division matches for the Honiara Netball Association league was completed yesterday.

For the Super division; Green Berets, Sun Rise and Andel lead with a total of nineteen points each. Police 1 and Gold Ridge 1 came in second with a total of thirteen points each and Isa Purple with twelve points, Southerns with nine points while Kossa came in at the bottom with a total of 7 points.

For the 'A' division; Green Berets 2 topped it with thirty points, while Police 2 came in second with twenty eight points. Gold Ridge 2 came in third with twenty six points followed by Henuagoto with twenty four points, HT Arrows with twenty two points Bokolo with seventeen points, Tematangi with fifteen points, Kossa 2 with fifteen points, Amoana with fourteen points and Doves with twelve points.

The 'B' Division's result is yet to be finalized.

On Tuesday the 19th, all participating teams will meet at the Lawson Tama netball court to draw a netball knockout fixture. The much awaited knockout will begin on the 23rd of this month.