In the Solomon Islands, it is a common traditional practice for children to do household chores.

Solomon Times took to the streets to find out why this still has been a common practice in the Solomon Islands.

"We need the children to be at the house to help us with the chores. Although, many times I feel that we can be unreasonable, it is the only way we can get by. With the high price of goods, parents need to work while we look to our children to help with the gardening or the chores," says a father of four, Mr. Robert Lilli.

On many cases, it is the girl that remains at home to help with the house chores while the brother goes to school. This is often practiced when parents cannot afford to send both children to school.

"The Solomon Islands mind set need to change to tackle this issue. Traditionally we always think the girls need to stay at home to work. It may be because we have all been brought up to believe that girls need to do everything, that it is often hard to think otherwise," says Mrs. Leanne Siu, a mother of five.

"I sometimes carry water from the bottom of the hill and then I go to prepare the garden. Although it is hard work, we cannot do anything about it and I cannot be lazy, otherwise the villagers will talk about me. I do this all the time with many of my friends. Not all of my friends go to school because not all our parents can afford it," says 15 year old Rachel Kale from the Western Province.

Many traditions tell the parents that involving the children with house chores are the only way their children will learn to prepare themselves for the future. And when your world revolves around the village, the ocean and the gardens, you have to learn such chores to survive in it.