With the rise in the rates of accidents, some Honiara residents are wondering why people do not use the underpass and overhead bridge structured within the town areas.

Solomon Times interviewed a concerned citizen who thinks that Honiara residents should be using the underpass and overhead bridge to lessen the accidents within Honiara.

The high rates of accidents within Honiara are mainly from pedestrians carelessly crossing the roads.

"People cross busy roads such as that at the market without making an effort to walk the extra yards to go through the underpass. Public transports and private cars have had difficulty dodging people and traffic. Careless pedestrians should be to blame for traffic accidents," said the anonymous Honiara resident.

"Maybe the government should place a law for people to use the underpass. This could be the only safety for the pedestrians and vehicle owners," he added.

Meanwhile, the only underpass currently operating in town is the one in front of the Central Market. The underpass in Point Cruz still remains closed following the abuse of the underpass from people littering and destructing it.