The Solomon Islands students studying at the University of the South Pacific are still waiting first semester allowance.

Solomon Tines spoke to a student at the Laucala Campus, in Suva, who stated that there is confusion on when the payments will be made.

"Different dates have been said by various students on when we should be receiving our allowance. We all hope it should be sometime this week. Already, many students have been skipping classes because we do not have money for bus fare and taxi fare to school. We cannot print our assignments without money and we currently cannot purchase basic school needs like pens and notepads," said the student.

Solomon Times spoke to the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for Education, Mrs. Myelin Kuve regarding this issue and she stated that payments have already been made and sent.

"It'll have to take at least 2 to 3 days for the payments to arrive. The Ministry has already organized and sent it," Mrs. Kuve told Solomon Times.

Mrs. Kuve adds that, by tomorrow, Tuesday the 12th , the students should be receiving their allowance.