The ongoing closure of the Honiara Multipurpose Hall has angered many multipurpose regulars.

Sports events and other planned activities have gone on hold, following the call to close the multipurpose.

In an interview, Acting Deputy Clerk of Honiara City Council, Gordon Olisukulu, told Solomon Times, that the closure of multi purpose hall was not to prevent activities but rather to allow their maintenance workers to assess the renovation the hall needs.

Mr. Sukulu said that the closure was supposed to be for a week but will depend entirely on the assessment team.

"The closure of the Multipurpose hall is to make assessment on how much the City Council needs to finance the repairs, especially on more urgent needs like the bathrooms. When the team is done with the assessment, they will then provide reports, on which we will decide whether to reopen the hall or close it for full renovations,"continues Mr. Olisukulu

"The council will let the public know when the Multipurpose hall will reopen so that normal activities will resume," adds Mr. Olisukulu.

Meanwhile, the NOCSI Office, situated in the Multipurpose Hall is also currently closed. There whereabouts is unknown, but Solomon Times understands, it will reopen when the Multipurpose reopens.