Guadalcanal Provincial Police Commander Chief Superintendent, George Guna said he is very disappointed that members of the community would turn on police particularly when they are providing policing services at their door steps.

"Police are here to serve the community. I am very disappointed that some people think it acceptable to attack and destroy services that are being provided to their community".

"The police stations and posts are established in the communities to bring policing services to the people. People should learn to respect and appreciate the presence of important services such as the police, schools, clinics and churches in their community," Chief Superintendent Guna said.

Chief Superintendent Guna said that it is important to maintain the essential service to the Kakabona Community and surrounding areas.

"It would be terrible indeed if a situation where members of the community need urgent police assistance but could not be immediately responded to, due to the lack of police presence in the community," he said.

"The burning of the Kakabona Police Post, is the actions of a few sick individuals but the community needs police services and a temporary police post has been erected at the same location" Chief Superintendent Guna.

Police Detectives and Forensic Officers are investigating the circumstances surrounding the burning of the Kakabona Community Police Post, which was destroyed by fire in the early hours of Friday morning.

Police have spoken with a few witnesses who provided statements and assisted with the investigations.

Members of the community who may have any information in relation to the incident are urged to come forward or contact Guadalcanal Police Headquarters on 30183 or the Crimewatch number - 999.

The investigation is still continuing.