Our Telekom will launch its GSM Breeze Mobile Service in the Isabel Provincial capital, Buala, on Thursday 21st August. Our Telekom will also be making special sales on mobile phones and other accessories.

The mobile installation work in Buala was completed on the 30th May this year. Our Telekom engineers have carried out coverage tests which produced good reception for Buala Township and its surrounding areas.

The Breeze catchment area goes as far as Koroga point to Goveo, an area about twenty kilometres away from the GSM tower.

Mr. Rolley Bogese of Telekom in Buala said Our Telekom has done its part in helping rural dwellers to communicate and they are very happy.

"The new mobile service really suite areas that are remote and it is very helpful," Bogese said.

Our Telekom has continued its rural development this year by launching Breeze Mobile service in Lata on the 9th June, in Kirakira on the 29th July, this time in Buala and soon in Taro.

The next roll out of Breeze GSM mobile service will be in Seghe in Western, Kia in Isabel and Afio in Malaita Province.