Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua is confident with the number of support from the Members of Parliament. The number of Members of Parliament supporting Dr. Derek Sikua is said to stand at 40.

The Motion of No Confidence will be moved this morning by the Member of Parliament for West Honiara, Isaac Inoke.

While the Solomon Islands await the outcome of the Motion, rumors of a demonstration are still rife in the capital. However, the Police along with their RAMSI counterparts are not taking any chances. A helicopter has been circulating the capital and although nothing is expected, tight security is visible around the Parliament.

Commissioner, Peter Marshall, in a Press Conference yesterday, stated that the Police Response Team personnel are ready to respond to anything that could happen, "but we are not expecting any issues such as a disorder in Honiara or in Solomon Islands in general."

Mr. Marshall then continued to say that, although the public had heard of a rumor of a large march, there will be nothing of the sort.

Solomon Times will bring more update from the Parliament.