RAMSI says meitaki ma'ata - thank you very much - to the Cook Islands on the occasion of their National Day.

RAMSI Deputy Special Coordinator, Jonathan Austin, said Cook Islands had been a strong supporter of RAMSI, providing personnel to the mission since 2003.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Cook Islands Government and people for their on-going commitment to the Solomon Islands and RAMSI in continuously contributing members of its police force." Dr Austin said.

Dr Austin said he wished Cook Islands well on their National Day celebrations today and thanked them on behalf all members of the Regional Assistance Mission for their valuable contribution to Solomon Islands efforts to be a safe, well-governed and prosperous nation.

He said he would particularly like to congratulate and thank Rimamotu Manavaikai, the Cook Islands police officer currently serving in the Participating Police Force.

Mr Manavaikai said he is honoured to be the sole representative of his nation to RAMSI Participating Police Force.

"Personally, I am enjoying my mission with RAMSI especially when it gives me the privilege of meeting and working with people from different nationalities and backgrounds," he said.

Mr Manavaikai brings to the mission 30 years of experience in policing. During that time he has worked in a wide variety of areas including Criminal Investigations and Maritime. This has made him an ideal candidate to work with the Solomon Islands Police Force Maritime area.