The final of the Our Telekom Club Championship has concluded and KOSSA is now the country's new representative in the 2008 Oceania league.

KOSSA opened the goal scoring galore in the 11th minute of the game. James Naka again gifted KOSSA a brilliant goal.

Richard Anisua, of Koloale who is growing more confident in his new role as an attacking midfielder delivered a powerful low shot across the goal mouth to draw level with KOSSA, the score remained 1-1 at half time.

After the break, again both teams traded carefully, it was KOSSA who came back strongly after some changes to their players. Three of the goals scored by KOSSA are arguably some of the most magical goals scored so far.

Naka scored the second important goal. It was a beautifully taken volley from a dipping cross from the right flanker. Naka did not hesitate the crowd almost knew when the ball made contact with Naka's feet that the net is going to shake. And shake it did.

KOSSA supporters were screaming all over the stadium, many of them King George School students who turned up in good number to support their team. Koloale supporters were outnumbered.

The third goal for KOSSA again was a freak goal. It was from a free kick from the center of the field taken by Gideon Omokirio. He floated the ball into the goal mouth expecting the players to contest for it, however, the cross was quite high and the keeper may have had problems seeing the ball, as the ball dropped it went straight into the net. Fred Hale had to be replaced.

The fourth was a well taken shot from the right mid who put power behind the shot to put the ball straight past the new keeper.

KOSSA seemed to relax and Koloale scored two quick goals to reduce the deficit, however Kossa held on to win the Match.

The game was described by many as nerve wrecking to watch, both teams played superbly and deserve to be praised. The game was played beautifully with class and precision. KOSSA now has the opportunity to represent Solomon Islands next year in the O league.