A total of 222 Public Officers have decided not to be vaccinated, of that 54 are now self-terminated under the Government’s No Jab No Job policy.

The first 54 self-terminated public officers have been verified and confirmed by their respective human resource managers following the 31 January 2022 deadline.

Public Service and respective Ministries are undergoing verification for the remaining 168 employees.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service (MPS) Nego Sisiolo confirmed this situation to the Oversight Committee.

Sisiolo said arriving at this decision was a very long and carefully calculated process.

The MPS has advised Public Officers in a circular on 6 August 2021 of the “No Jab No Job” policy outlining the rationale behind the policy and the consequences of failing to adhere to the policy.

A second circular reminding officers was issued on 22 September 2021 which provided a grace period to give time for officers to get their vaccines.

The circular further warned officers of the deadline and the consequences is self-termination.

Sisiolo said an advisory will be sent to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury following the verification process to cease the salaries of the remaining 168 officers who are not vaccinated.

He explained, a number of public officers, because of health or other reasons are given extensions.

Source: GCU