Tony Hughes in a keynote address to the PINA delegations who were in the country last week, expressed the difficulties faced by the media.

Mr. Hughes said the challenge is 'how to do development better' and how to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

"Learning from experiences - our own and that of others - drawing on new techniques and technologies without being swamped by them, being honest with each other, engaging with out regional neighbors and the world at large through trade, investment, foreign aid and international politics."

He then reminded the media representatives of their roles as builders of Pacific economies. "Your role is to provide the information people need to take charge of their own development - to empower the people by informing them".

He told delegates that much of what journalist are doing is excellent, but overall their impact is nowhere near as effective and valuable as it could be.

He identified that media contribution towards development, if is to be effective, needs to address the following factors. "Firstly, Journalists need to understand economic development thoroughly to be able to report it in a usable media format in a simple language" said Hughes. "Media reporting in economic matters is generally too passive, superficial, and heavily dependent on official handouts"