The unbeatable Andel claims victory after thrashing Gold Ridge One.

Following a smashing 75-51 win Monday's catch up game, Andel looks set to be champions for the Honiara Netball Association Super League that has only one match left to be played.

The catch up match against Andel and Gold Ridge was quite tough with the first round of the match being led by Gold Ridge with 17 goals against Andel's 14 points.

In the second quarter of the match, Andel defenders did a splendid job up against the towering Gold Ridge players.

The strong comeback placed Andel 25 goals ahead of the Gold Ridge team who trailed with just 12 points.

Half time score saw Andel powering ahead with 59 goals against Gold Ridge One's 37 goals.

In the third quarter, the Gold Ridge One side played hard in attempts to outplay Andel but to no avail.

Andel players fought back just as hard with fast ball works to retain their team's lead, leaving the Gold Ridge One team to lag on behind with 8 goals to 20.

The fourth quarter saw Gold Ridge One changing some of their players that brought them up close in points as the match closed with Andel sinking 16 goals to Gold Ridge's 14 goals.

In court two, the Tematangi side lost to Henuagoto by 39- 36 points for A Division.

Meanwhile, the HNA President, Noelyn Luahiti told Solomon Times that the last catch up match for the super division will be tomorrow between Kossa and Andel.

Last games for A Division will take place today and tomorrow afternoon.

Mrs. Luahiti said that this leaves only B Division to continue with their matches for the next three weekends and some weekdays.

The HNA President Mrs. Luahiti said that the netball league knock out will commence after all games in current league have finished.