Making the first approach to win someone's heart is not an easy task for most but in the native Solomon Islands, there was once the approach of using the "green leaf".

Solomon Times gathered that the green leaf comes from the ginger fruit plant. The plant is said to be related to the namehexastylis arifolia plant.

"This was commonly used in the heathen days by our people," an elderly, Mr. Ginetala, from Kwaio of Malaita Province told Solomon Times.

He said that green leaf was used in the past especially to lure the interest of a girl.

"This is black magic using nature's plants and performing some ritual to make something happen," the man explained.

Solomon Times learnt that green leaf can also be used to "hurt the enemy" from other tribes.

"Say they do not want people gathering at a particular big feast to enjoy the feast, they would make green leaf rituals in order for people attending the feast not to be satisfied," Mr. Ginetala explained.

He said that of all the 'black magic', green leaf is most commonly used.

Mr. Ginetala said that people these days now use green for their own personal interest and to make money.