Surviving continuous rise on cost of living throughout the Solomons is becoming daily for the locals.

Take fresh goods sold at the Central Market in Honiara for instance which in itself has soared in price, locals have discovered that shopping is better in the evenings.

"I used to prefer buying fresh goods from the market in the mornings but with the ridiculous high prices, I have discovered that sellers drop prices in the evenings so that products are not wasted," a female shopper, Sharon Connie revealed.

Shoppers came to realise that sellers at the end of the day have no choice but drop their price in order to sell their products.

Solomon Times was informed that a bunch of bananas for instance are often sold for SBD$8 in the mornings but when evening falls, sellers drop their rate to SBD$4.

A father of two, Noel Berry said that such huge drop is good for shoppers who have discovered the trend.

"It may not be as fresh but at least it is more affordable so most of us choose to shop in the evenings," Mr. Berry said.

It was noted that unlike the past when mornings are often a tight squeeze to move around the compound, it is now the end of the day that the market is packed with shoppers.