Living in the rural is tough life for people residing in the capital city.

A Honiara resident, Allen Ross said he had just been back from visiting family in East Malaita and "life is very hard".

He said that these rural dwellers are true survivors making ends meet by pure hard work.

Mr. Ross said that cost of living makes being in Honiara unbearable "but when you turn to village life, it is just as hard or even more".

He cited communication as an example in not being able to access a public phone to contact family members in town.

"For us living in town, we complain about life being difficult but we are more hopeless when we return to the villages," Mr. Ross said.

He spoke with great admiration for the rural dwellers "who really know how to survive with minimal resources available".

"People living in Honiara must consider learning how to survive living in the rural areas because one day we will go back to our villages so we must be familiar with the lifestyle in the rural."