The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund will set an increase on members' contribution.

A staff in the finance department revealed that SINPF members' contribution increase is expected to take place this week.

It was revealed that work was underway over the weekend to input the increase into the system.

The insider said that delay was due to some companies failing to pay up their members' 2007 contribution.

The staff said all forms expected to have been handed in last Friday paves the way to process money into members' accounts.

Normally, interests should have been added to members' balance at the end of June.

The current delay is said to have been linked to other factors not specified.

This year's payout of 18 percent is the second year in a row that NPF is paying its members such high interest rate return.

Last year, members with higher balance had big smiles on their face when they called in to check their balance after the interest.

This year members expect to see the same with the balance.