Homeless people on the streets of Honiara are often cased by domestic violence.

Solomon Times interviewed a woman from Malaita who had no choice but to take shelter at the Central Market after being beaten up by her husband.

"I am married to a man from Guadalcanal and have always been bashed even when heavily pregnant with our daughter who is now 2 years old," said the woman.

She said that moving to live at the main market was two years ago "and my baby grew up in the market area as her home".

The woman and her child collect empty drinking bottles to sell for survival.

"We get very little money from selling bottles, just enough for something to eat," she said.

"Many people come up to me and ask to adopt my little girl but I never give in," she told Solomon Times.

After a long day around the streets collecting bottles to sell, the pair would return to the main market at the end of the day to rest and sleep for another day.

Asked if she would rather do anything apart from collecting and selling bottles, the woman said that "house keeper will be good so we can have a better place to stay".

Reaction to the woman and her daughter's story was mixed as some say she is "abusing the child's life by dragging her around places to collect and sell bottles".

One female approached, Mandy Niva said that anyone should help the woman and her daughter by sending them back to her village.