The Enhanced Consultative Mechanism, E-C-M process is important for the effective consultation between the Solomon Islands Government, RAMSI and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

Speaking at the opening of the 3rd E-C-M in Honiara yesterday, Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister, William Haomae said that the consultation is important for achieving the objective and goals of RAMSI "and more significantly for better realization of these goals."

"A new beginning in the partnership between the Solomon Islands Government, RAMSI and the Forum was established at the last ECM and the Forum Ministerial Standing Committee meetings held in February this year," Mr. Haomae said.

He added that decision by the Ministers to establish a new Solomon Islands Government/RAMSI partnership framework signifies the confidence that they have in this Mechanism, more so, the consultative process in the formulation of this Framework.

"This partnership has its importance in the delivery of positive outcomes to the people of Solomon Islands through a continuous dialogue and consultation with RAMSI."

The one-day E-C-M meeting discussed the Partnership Framework, received update reports from the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI on the implementation of the 2007 Pacific Islands Forum RAMSI Review Task Force Report and proposed review of RAMSI's presence in Solomon Islands.

It also discussed the RAMSI Performance Report 2007/08, an offer from Japan to support RAMSI and an update on the implementation of the new reporting format.

The E-C-M meeting was expected to prepare a draft Outcomes statement on the issues for the consideration of the Forum Ministerial Standing Committee which meets on Thursday.

It will be attended by Ministers from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Niue and Tonga.