Faulty system equipment is said to be a reason to the fall out of some contestants in the current Solo Idol show.

People who witnessed the first elimination round last weekend said that the system was so bad that it distracted some contestants in the show.

"The PA system used in the first round was a big put off," Eve Qula who witnessed the show told Solomon Times.

It was said that the bad sound system made the whole idol show less interesting.

"How would you feel if you have a microphone in hand and the whole connection just came off?" Ms. Qula questioned.

Solomon Times learnt that one contestant was unfortunate to encounter the mishap of a faulty microphone.

"It was a huge turn off seeing the whole connection of the microphone falling off," Margaret Theodi said.

People complained that organizers should have checked the sound system before the show.

"The first round should be a lesson to organizers for the upcoming second elimination round to avoid causing embarrassment to contestants," Ms. Theodi said.

Solomon Times was unable to reach the organizing committee of the idol show for their comment.