Police arrested a 29-year-old man at the National Trade Show for being drunk and disorderly as well as possessing a dangerous weapon.

Yesterday's arrest is part of efforts by police officers who are specifically tasked to maintain law and order in the Trade Show area.

Police identified the man and arranged for his arrest and transportation to Central Watch House.

Provincial Police Commander for Honiara City, Superintendent Phillip Kaukui, is calling on members of the public to celebrate the Trade Show and the 30th Anniversary of Independence sensibly.

Mr. Kaukui warned the public that celebrations occurring at the moment need to be conducted in an acceptable manner.

"Police have more patrols on the streets and have a high visibility operation in place around Lawson Tama and the Trade Show," he said.

Mr. Kaukui added that police will not allow anti-social behaviour to ruin the celebrations for the majority of people enjoying the festivities.

"The Trade Show and upcoming Independence celebrations are going to be fantastic," he said.

Superintendent Kaukui also mentioned that a Police Post that will be manned during the day and night has been established at the Trade Show.

"A Police Post has been erected near the Police stall and extra officers have been deployed for the duration of the Trade Show. The public are urged to contact this area if they need to report matters to police when attending the Trade Show."

Police also reminded the community that drinking alcohol at venues within the public area of the Trade Show could lead to criminal charges.