RAMSI's Participating Police Force (PPF) shot dead a giant crocodile this week after responding to an urgent request for help from a community in West Guadalcanal.

The 4.2 metre (14 feet) crocodile - one of the biggest seen in recent times - was shot by RAMSI PPF officers Rob James and Brendan Thomson on Monday after the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) passed on the urgent request from Marumbo village near Lambi, West Guadalcanal.

The community had reported the crocodile to police after it started stalking their village in recent weeks.

"This crocodile had frequently been seen around our village and even up on the beach, Sakaria Moso, said after the dangerous animal was shot yesterday.

"It has killed one of our pigs before and has recently been following our kids as they play near the water," he said.

Lambi villager, Pespiko Madokesa, said everyone in the area was very relieved that the croc was dead and very grateful for what RAMSI had done.

"It's great for us to see RAMSI responding to our needs here. That crocodile has been a concern to everybody in this area," Mr Madokesa said.

The PPF adviser, Patrick English, who was involved in passing on the village's request said he couldn't believe the response from the community.

"It was a little overwhelming, how many of them came up to say thank you," he said yesterday (Tuesday).

Both Mr. English and SIPF Detective Constable Michael Kemadika first heard about the troublesome croc when they were making enquiries in the area last week.

These sightings were then reported through the SIPF to RAMSI, who dispatched a team to destroy the animal on Monday.

The team first talked to the Chief of Hulavu and Marumbo villages, Lino Tavuata, and asked him to ensure that the community stayed away from the area while they hundred down the dangerous animal.

Following the information provided by the community the PPF team quickly spotted the giant croc in the sea about 90 metres from the shore from where it had been previously sighted. They then used their firearms to successfully destroy it.

RAMSI has promised to kill crocodiles and urges anyone with concerns about dangerous animals in their area to report the matter to their local police, who can then request armed assistance from RAMSI.