In a historic moment, the Solomon Islands is set to make its mark on the international stage as it proudly hosts the 2023 Pacific Games for the first time.

With just hours remaining until the grand opening ceremony, anticipation and excitement are reaching a fever pitch as thousands gather at Sports City to witness the spectacle about to unfold.

In the past week, Honiara, has been buzzing with great vibrancy as it welcomes athletes and spectators from 24 countries across the Pacific. The streets are adorned with colorful banners, 24 national flags, and the air is filled with excitement.

It took many months of preparation to get to where we are now. The entire city is a testament to the warm hospitality and enthusiasm of the Solomon Islands people.

The Pacific Games have always been a symbol of collaboration and friendship among nations, and this year, the Solomon Islands proudly steps into the spotlight as the host. The significance of this moment is not lost on the people of the Solomon Islands, as they embrace the opportunity to showcase their culture and hospitality on the international stage.

The Sports City gates opened at 3.30pm local time and as the clock ticks down to 6 pm start of the Opening Ceremony, the excitement is building amongst eager spectators and athletes alike. Thousands have lined up, eager to secure the best seats to witness a breathtaking opening ceremony that promises to be a dazzling display of Pacific culture, creativity, and unity. For those watching from home across the Pacific, the anticipation is no less intense as families gather around their screens, ready to be part of Pacific Games.

5,000 athletes from across the Pacific are not only ready to compete but are also deeply impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities that the Solomon Islands has meticulously prepared.

The host nation has set a new standard, demonstrating how to seamlessly host such a significant event with cutting-edge venues and impeccable organization.

Beyond the competitive spirit, the Pacific Games stand as a beacon of unity. In a world where divisions often dominate headlines, the coming together of 24 nations for a common purpose sends a powerful message of solidarity and cooperation.

The Pacific Games are not merely a sporting event; they are a celebration of shared values and a commitment to a brighter, more connected future for the entire Pacific region.

As the sun sets over Honiara, signaling the beginning of the 2023 Pacific Games, the stage has been set for a grand celebration of sport, culture, and unity, and the next two weeks promise to be a testament to the power of collaboration and the spirit of the Pacific.

Get ready for a journey of excitement, inspiration, and unparalleled sporting spectacle.

The 2023 Pacific Games have arrived!