The nature of "asking favours" often lead to strong friendship.

This is known especially for islanders, perceived as laid back and friendly, to have the nature of approaching a complete stranger for small favours such as a match to light a cigarette.

"It is in our nature as islanders, we are not hesitant to approach anyone on the street if we are in need of something," Abel Kolo from the Western Province said.

He said that more often than not, a conversation would take place from a simple gesture of giving and friendship developed.

"The easy going nature that we all share, especially among Solomon Islanders, makes it easy to make friends even at the least expected moments," Mr. Kolo added.

This often starts with the common phrase "hey wantok" to exchange of jokes that eventually leads to what can always turn to mutual friendship.

In some cases, the tactic of approaching to ask for favour is often used to get to know others.

"Sometimes it's just a good way to strike a conversation and in other cases, some may take one step too far in asking for a dollar for a cigarette," Mivalyn Lili said.

Ms. Lili said that attitude of asking is common, which has a good side to the happy going people of Solomon Islands.