The 2008 Oceania Championships finally got underway at the Oleai Track and Field in the Northern Marianas. Reports from The Saipan Tribune say that three Solomon Islanders competing at the 2008 Oceania Championships have scoped up two bronze and one silver medal.

Solomon Islands' Jack Iroga came up with a bronze medal after clocking 11.07 in the men's 100m finals. In the under-18 3000m finals, Solomon Islands' Gregory Foasilafu took the silver medal with a personal best time of 9:51.98.

In the women's 3000m finals Solomon Islands' Jessie Andreson, the Championships' youngest competitor at 12 years old took the silver medal with an impressive time of 12:24.86.

New Zealand continues to dominate the Championships with an unofficial medal haul of five gold, two silver, and one bronze. Samoa is second with four gold and one silver to its name, followed by Fiji with three gold medals, two silver, and two bronze.