General Manager of the National Broadcasting Commission of Papua New Guinea, Joseph Eladona is the new president, and Jonas Culwick of Vanuatu the vice president.

Mr Eladona stood unopposed after Matai Akauola of Fiji withdrew after being nominated. Matai Akauola of Fiji Broadcasting Corporation will continue with his role in the new board as the radio representative, while Moses Stevens of Vanuatu will represent the print industry.

The other two industry representatives on the PINA board are Journalist Association of Samoa's Cherelle Jackson for national media associations and Antoine Malsungai of Vanuatu to represent the TV industry.

In his speech at last nights closing function Mr Eladona said that whilst there are many challenges within PINA he believes the new board has what it takes to carry PINA forward.

At the annual general meeting, MASI president and one of the founders of PINA, John Lamani acknowledged the growth of the association since it was founded in the 1980's.

The closing AGM also endorsed Vanuatu's nomination to host the next PINA convention in 2009.