Security operation for the Christmas period was very successful with police observing quiet and peaceful celebrations across Honiara and surrounding communities.

The security operation was launched from 24 - 28 December to support Honiara City Police and boost general policing duties during the festive season.

Acting Assistance Commissioner Operations, Nathaniel Mosese said that this year's Christmas celebration is a notable one with police recording the quietest and peaceful celebrations across Honiara.

"This year's Christmas celebrations is a historic occasion with police experiencing a record low in crime activities across Honiara City and surrounding communities," Acting Assistance Commissioner Operations Mosese said.

Throughout the Christmas period, police officers responded to 81 calls for assistance and arrested 16 people. However, on Christmas Eve through to Christmas Day, police responded to 35 reported incidents and arrested seven people.

Five people were arrested on Christmas Eve and only two were arrested on Christmas Day for incidents that were generally alcohol related such as common nuisances and disorderly behaviours.

Acting Assistance Commissioner Mosese praised members of the public for the way they have behaved over the Christmas period and also commended the police officers who were involved in the Christmas security operation.

"I put it back to the public that your good behaviour has greatly contributed to the peaceful celebrations we have experienced and I thank you all," he said.

"I also convey my sincere gratitude to members of the RSIPF and PPF who participated in the security operation."

"Your commitment has made you put aside the Christmas celebration and your time with families and go out your way to ensure the members of the public enjoyed a crime-free and peaceful Christmas celebration," Acting Assistance Commissioner Mosese said.

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