A two weeks training aimed at building business skills is currently being coordinated by the Women's Development Division of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

The training uses what is known as Competency Based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs(CEFE).

The 21 participants of the training are small business operators and those who have got business experience but need to improve.

Solomon Times was informed that the training is basically to improve participants on their business planning and management skills.

The regional master trainer from Fiji is in the country to conduct and ensure that the training is successful.

It is expected that after the training, more than 50 women will gain new business skills by end of the year.

Similar training is hoped to take place in August.

Facilitators of the training said that there is need for the government, private business sectors and the business community to provide the right supportive environment for small business operators to grow.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Nigel Mazini officially opened the training yesterday.

The Women's Development Division hopes that that a partnership can be developed so that skills can be imparted through this new business tool.