Chairman of the Commission, Brian Brunton, revealed this yesterday at the Commission's first public hearing.

Mr Brunton stated that the Commission is facing some logistical problems which are preventing them from effectively carrying out its mandate.

He says the SMI building, which the Commission is currently using, had good public access, but it had not been functioning as an office for sometime. He says the air conditioner requires maintenance and spare-parts, recording equipment still needs to be installed and a public address system needs to be installed.

Mr Brunton says there did not appear to be alternative buildings available in Honiara for the exclusive use of the Commission of Inquiry over a five month period.

He says the provision of transport has also been difficult and expensive and that communications infrastructure, such as telephone and e-mail links has been very slow to build-up.

Mr Brunton says the Commission needs research officers, additional lawyers and that investigators have yet to be released by appropriate government instruments.

He says for these reasons there will have to be a temporary adjournment of the proceedings.