Taiwan Technical Mission in Solomon Islands (TTM), established by Taiwan government in 1983, will be holding the 1st Taiwan Technical Mission watermelon competition.

The competition is jointly organized by the Taiwan Technical Mission in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

This "1st Taiwan Technical Mission Watermelon Competition Cup" is new in the Solomons 'sports' field of interest.

This is to continuously encouraging more farmers to participate in the activities of modern agriculture.

The competition will be from June to September, giving time for competitors to purchase seeds to plant and are expected to deliver harvested melons on the 15th -20th of September.

To determine the winners, judges will compare the weight of the melons. Lots of prizes will be up for grabs.

With hopes of promoting knowledge and skills of modern farm management and building quality agricultural manpower resources for Solomon Islands, the Taiwan Technical Mission demonstrated farm work skills in KG6 farm and trained a lot of government agriculture extension officers and students in the last 24 years.

Under the assistance of Taiwan Technical Mission, Solomon Islanders have learned and practiced modern farm skills from the rice planting to vegetable cultivation and pig rising.

The Taiwan Technical Mission also provided varieties of vegetable seeds and materials to farmers for their gardens, based on nonprofit management since 1995.

Owing to the energetic learning attitude and diligence of Solomon farmers, today there are much more various vegetables, melons and fruits available in the Central Market of Honiara.