Impact of Telekom's strike is surfacing in the capital city Honiara.

People of the general public complained that attempts this morning to make phone calls to mobiles from land line was not possible.

Solomon Times was told that calls to and from land lines are possible but the service for mobile calls via land line phones is not working.

"Now you can only make mobile to mobile calls and land line to land line calls, but to call from mobile to land line or vice versa is not possible," one man said.

Workers within government sectors said that people in Honiara are now faced with the impact of the strike.

Internet service in town was down this morning for three hours.

People are urging workers of Telekom to go back to work because the negative impact of their strike is nationwide.

Solomon Times understand that some parts of Honiara have had phone and internet disconnection since the beginning of the strike.

"Offices and businesses are affected by this strike and everyone is now on alert on what else could go wrong as a result of the Telekom strike," a public member said.