The Chairman of Police and Prison Service Commission, Mr. Edmund Andersen, had denied allegations made by the Acting Prime Minister that he stormed out of the Government House.

"For the information of all citizens of this country whose Head of State is the Governor General, I want to once and for all make it perfectly clear that I deny misbehaving at Government House, neither did I storm out. I simply left the Government House after the swearing in ceremony was completed," said Mr. Andersen "In fact I approached the Governor General after the ceremony and explained myself, I also asked to be excused from the reception because of other engagements"

Mr Andersen said in a press statement that it was for two reasons that he could not stay on. The first was as Chairman of the Police and Prison Services Commission the ceremony was not proper. Secondly, he had another meeting to attend to that morning.

Last week in a press conference the Acting PM told Journalist that the Chairman will face a tribunal to answer for his conduct in the Government House. It was reported that it was the Acting PM that stated that he 'stormed out of the room'.